Hello World!

I'm a Technical Artist for games

NBA 2K24

Technical Art Intern

June - September 2023

Character rigging and tools engineering for NBA 2K24

Zot Zoomer

Team Lead, Technical & 3D Artist, Engineer

January - March 2023

A racing game inspired by f-zero made in Unreal 5. Created as part of the VGDC at UCI.

3D Art

Modeled in Maya, painted materials and decals in Substance Painter. 

Mesh details: 700 tris, five 2k textures (base color, roughness, metallic, normal, heightmap)

Track Editor with Houdini

Created a procedural houdini asset that allowed designers to iterate and construct tracks directly in Unreal, no art handoff required.

Bow, The Weapon of God

A recreation of this illustration by A. Shipwright as realtime VFX.

Made in one day with Niagara in Unreal.

Space Zoologist

Tech Lead, Gameplay Engineer

January 2022 - Present

A top down, strategy simulation game for web designed to educate engineering students about research and design. Paid position on the Space Zoologist Game Development Team at UCD.

Sling and Fling

Tech Lead, Tools/Gameplay Engineer, Technical Artist

October - December 2022

A 2.5D minimalist top-down action game. Made in Unity (C#) as part of VGDC at UCI.


Team Lead, Technical Artist, Gameplay Engineer, Designer

January - June 2021

A narrative-driven 3D RPG about the battle against apathy. I co-programmed the project with Aziz in Unity using C#.

Gameplay Programming

Shader and scripting work to enable intuitive cross-platform control and ensure the camera frames the action without crossing through objects.

Technical Art

Shader work to replicate the PSX aesthetic, and to extend Unity's terrain shader to be compatible with custom work.

Programming Director - VGDC at UCI

August 2022 - Present

I am the programming director in the Video Game Developers Club at the University of California, Irvine, in which I assist other developers with their projects, plan and run club events, and create/present workshops to teach programming topics to other club members. I also run the programming department, interviewing new officers and planning programming officer meetings.

Curve Pong

Team lead, Engineer, Artist

October 2022

A spin on pong inspired by geometry wars, designed like tug-of-war. I lead a team of four to create in three days for the Ludum Dare 51 game jam in Unity and C#


Procedural VFX for an in-progress project made in Unity. I collaborated on a concept sketch for this spawn effect, then scripted it with HLSL shader code and C#.


Solo Project (except music)

October 2020 - January 2021

A minimalistic shooter where you play as a loop-de-loop originally made in three days for the Ludum Dare 47 game jam. I programmed the game myself in Unity and C#. All animations are procedural, created entirely through code, and many visuals such as trails effects and shadows are also procedural. I also created a menu to allow the player to change their controls, making Bloop more accessible.

Chunk of Space

Solo Project (except music)

October 2021 - January 2022

A minimalist, one-button arcade game designed for mobile. I programmed the game in Unity and C#. I also used Google Play's API to add in-app purchases and advertising

Terror for Two

Solo Project

May - October 2021

A first person horror game crossed with a text adventure, available on Steam. I programmed the game in Unity and C#, then integrated Steam's API to release on their platform and include achievements. I created dynamic UI for the in-game "messaging app," and I implemented AI to create tension by chasing after the player.